SMART_watch was created as a cooperation platform between key participants of the innovation sectors in Central Europe.
Within the SMART_watch, we wanted to develop and share good practices
as well as learn from other regions that carry out similar activities
in the area of ​​Central Europe (CE).
Business support organisations, R&D institutes and regional authorities
are the pillars for the innovation systems. In particular, we believe that they serve as REGIONAL OBSERVATORIES of technology and market needs and trends, i.e. the institution that monitors technology trends and market developments in the area of smart specializations or regional authorities implementing the RIS, to scrutinise upon good practices, pitfalls
and bottlenecks of their activity.

Our goal was to develop a model of operation and create an international network of Regional Observatories of smart specializations in Central Europe, monitoring technology trends and market development in the areas
of innovative technologies and smart sectors. 
Although we do not build new buildings, we do not provide infrastructure
in the form of equipment, we bring something more valuable to our regions: knowledge, competences, contacts that enterprises can use to improve their competitiveness and implement innovations. Technology areas covered within the SMART_watch project are: health, life science, ICT, future services, sustainable production technics and Industry 4.0. 


Start Date

June 2017

End Date

May 2020

SMART_watch Final Publication

This is the SMART_watch final publication.

This document describes our story how we succeeded in preparing for the interregional collaboration effort. It is a story of business support organizations that offer services to the businesses involved in smart

We do hope that you will join us and we look forward to become a strong network offering new opportunitiesin the post-COVID world.

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1st Mini Book

This Minibook One is the first out of four parts of the SMART_watch final publication. It describes the competitive situation of partner Regions, with reference to innovation of lo - cal productive systems, to the strategic choices linked to Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) and to the role of Regional Observatories to support their monitoring and implementation.

2nd Mini Book

This 2nd Minibook focuses on the demand side of Smart Specialisation implementation. The Minibook has the purpose to clarify the link between the Regional Innovation Strategies (RIS), their monitoring and the needs of Smart Specialisations (S3) of end users.

Mini Book 3rd

This 3rd Minibook is focussed on the features and characteristics of the “ROs (Regional Observatories) network for Smart Specialisation”, which - in perspective - is one of the outstanding outcomes of the SMART_watch project. ROs network is expected to be the main project result to continue to work after project conclusion, thus securing that the efficiency of RIS3 Observatories is maintained and the sustainability of project solutions is kept in time.


The 4th Minibook aims at presenting the results and outcomes of the activities performed by SMART_watch partners to analyse the way RIS 3 implementation processes are monitored and evaluated in CE partner countries. This Mini book contains also proposals for the process of reshaping S3, with specific reference to monitoring systems management.

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