Preservation and Recovery of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Many of the central European cultural phenomena listed under the national or UNESCO heritage lack a sustainable approach to their preservation and management. Intangible cultural heritage such as traditions, knowledge, and handicrafts are in danger to be lost if not carefully preserved: 

Knitting a Bond between Old and Young


Mrs Huber, aged 86, has been knitting all her life. She learnt the technique from her mother, who had learnt it from her mother in turn. The knowledge had been passed down from generation to generation.

Today, Mrs Huber is the only person left in the small village in the Styrian Alps who still knows about the local way of knitting. She says that the interest in knitting had been fading for a long time.

Now, however, young men and women have expressed their interest in learning how to knit and cooperation is central to find effective ways to help this and other handicraft traditions survive.

Thanks to the CULTURECOVERY project, Mrs Huber can pass on her knowledge to the young generation and keep the century-old tradition of knitting alive. Project partners invest in people on site and establish local structures for conveying knowledge and capabilities.

They connect Mrs Huber to the young people of the municipality and re-establish the forgotten bond between old and young, with the goal to preserve the local heritage of knitting for future generations.

The Eco-Museum Approach

CULTURECOVERY also focuses on eco-museums, which have a great potential for preserving the identity of places and people. We focus on improving capacities of eco-museum managers and operators by promoting strategies and action plans for the preservation and valorisation of immaterial cultural heritage. We aim to develop innovative solutions for a wider audience, including local citzens and tourists. 

With the project we want to encourage a close cooperation between the public and private sector, especially in terms of the development of new tools. Through our partnership, we also want to test and apply bottom-up approaches and tackle challenges in an integrated and interdisciplinary manner. By doing so, we aim to foster the participation of local communities and help people - like Mrs Huber - to pass on their knowledge to future generations.

Project Duration

Start Date

01.07. 2017

End Date

30.06. 2020

Project Partners

CULTURECOVERY has 9 partners from 6 central European countries.

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