Preservation and Recovery of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Many of the central European cultural phenomena listed under the national or UNESCO heritage lack a sustainable approach to their preservation and management. Intangible cultural heritage like traditions are even more in danger to be lost if not carefully preserved.

CULTURECOVERY focuses on eco-museums that have great potential for preserving the identity of places and people. We focus on improving capacities of eco-museum managers and operators by promoting strategies and action plans for preservation and valorisation of immaterial cultural heritage. We aim to develop innovative solutions for a wider audience, including local citzens and tourists. 

With the project we want to encourage a close cooperation between the public and private sector, especially in terms of the development of new tools. Through our partnership, we also want to test and apply bottom-up approaches, tackle issues in an integrated and interdisciplinary way, and foster the participation of local communities.

Project Duration

Start Date

01.07. 2017

End Date

30.06. 2020

Project Partners

CULTURECOVERY has 9 partners from 6 central European countries.

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