The REEF 2W tackles the challenge of developing and implementing solutions for increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy production in public infrastructures. This will be addressed by combining and integrating the relevant public infrastructures of the municipal solid waste chain with the waste water treatment plants (WWTP), and by upgrading their input mix and their energy outputs. As a result the upstream supply chain will be compatible with a wide biomass mix from agriculture, agro-food and public green. 

REEF 2W will also improve internal processes for maximizing energy efficiency and renewable energy outputs to be locally consumed at the WWTP or fed into public/private grids or used in public mobility.  Different REEF 2W models will show how new solutions lead to an abatement of energy needs and to a significant increase of renewable energy production. Pilot actions will be key enablers for WWTPs energy self-sustainable, or even ‘renewable energy positive’, ideal for providing green energy to future smart-cities.  

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