REEF 2W project has ended

As it happens to fairy tales, so it happens to projects: they both end. The REEF 2W project has come to an end but, as in the best fairy tales, it is a good end. And, after a lot of action, adventures and adrenaline, our heroes reached their goals. In our case, we called them outputs. Such as the “Strategies and Action Plan” drafted to capitalise the experience gained from of the five pilots set up to demonstrate the feasibility of REEF 2W solutions. Or like the five training sessions held in five partner regions and meant to provide a comprehensive information on how to apply REEF 2W tools and methodologies to assess the feasibility of the pilots suggested by utilities. We should not forget the two tools for the measurement of improvement in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, as well as urban compatibility assessment for new plants.

Last but not least, five pilot feasibility studies applied to a series of REEF 2W different patterns have been realised. They demonstrated how the new REEF 2W solutions led to an abatement of energy needs and to a significant increase in renewable energy production. After long time some epic feats become legends, but most of them are completely forgotten and survive only in fairy tales and ancient songs: on the opposite, we would like what we did in the REEF 2W project to be remembered in the future and, for that reason, we invite all parties interested to find out more, to contact the project coordinator as follows: 

ENEA - Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development 
Project Coordinator: Mr. Roberto Farina 
phone: +39 0516098580