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Fraunhofer society for the promotion of applied research

contact person:
christoph ruichter
+49 821 90678 126

WrocŁaw University of Science and Technology

Contact Person:
kamil Krot
+48 71 320 3781

cluster mechatronics & automation management ggmbh

Contact Person:
Dr. Thomas Helfer
+49 821 569 797 40

Pannon business network association

Contact Person:
Mátyás Lazáry
+36 94/505-003

Veneto Innovazione

Contact Person:
Ivan Boesso

Business Upper Austria

connact person:
Christoph Matthias Reiss-Schmidt

democenter-sipe foundation

Contact Person:
Davide Fava

+39 059 2058146

Bundeswehr university munich

Contact Person:
Georg Loscher
+49 89 6004 4203 

ERFARET Knowledge centre for forest and wood utilization non-profit ltd.

Contact Person:
Denes Varga

Department on management and Engineering (dtg)-Padova university

Contact Person:
Anna nosella

Fraunhofer society for the promotion of applied research

contact person:
christoph ruichter
+49 821 90678 126

Adopting innovative, advanced manufacturing processes is a major challenge for companies in central Europe. However, advance manufacturing (AVM) is not only a technological issue. Innovation managers and owners of small companies face huge organisational and strategic challenges linked to AVM. There is an urgent need to develop a joint qualification basis through transnational capacity building in local SME and lead companies. The InnoPeer AVM project will develop and test a first comprehensive, transnational AVM qualification programme, shaped to the needs of central European companies.

The multi-level programme will use a mix of well-proven and novel training formats and methods for basic, advanced and practical trainings. These will include living lab webinars, practical test runs at a model factory and AVM strategy camps. Participants attending the project’s teaching cases will become InnoPeer-certified AVM managers. Pilot trainings will involve target companies and innovation managers from all participating regions. The piloted programme will be freely available to other interested regions and companies. The project will also prepare regional action plans and a roadmap on AVM capacity building and establish the ‘InnoPeer AVM Board’ that will further promote project results.

Project Activities


Development of RAPs/Roadmap on AVM capacity building in CE SME supported by newly estab. InnoPeer AVM Board.


Development of a novel InnoPeer AVM Qualification Programme and qualification standard for CE.


Development and joint implementation of pilot actions with SME from PP regions

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