Project HIstorical CAstle ParkS (HICAPS) is an international project aimed at strengthening the capacities of the public and private sectors for the use of cultural heritage and resources achieved through transnational cooperation between partner countries. The project is directed towards developing the common guidelines and tools for supporting consensus building process among public and private sector on improving the quality and effectiveness in process of evaluation and use of cultural heritage as resources for local/regional development and to raise awareness among schools and citizens about our historical past, reflecting through historical parks.

Also, during the project, an international strategy for assessing cultural heritage and the potential of historic parks will be developed, focusing on the technical, organizational and financial aspects of managing cultural areas. The aim is therefore to improve benefits for the citizens and for the public administrations involved, in a way to empower local and regional authorities with efficient planning and investment tools, while partner organizations will develop and adopt specific local action plans for further development and revitalization of historic heritage.

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1.798.274,20 EUR

1.506.476,34 ERDF funding


Transnational strategy on evaluation of cultural heritage and potentials of historical parks 

8 local action plans regarding historical parks

Decision support tool with guidelines for the process of self-evaluation and use of cultural heritage

Educational outer trail tool

transnational e-handbook on the most appropriate tools to address people with disabilities in cultural landscape

8 local revitalisation concepts for identified historical areas

Velenje revitalised historical parks

Ptuj revitalised historical parks

Bologna revitalised historical parks

Kujawsko -Pomorskie 3D pilot visualisation, with  promotional and educational dimension

Varaždin revitalised historical parks

bedekovčina revitalised historical parks

Ferrara revitalised historical parks

Rzesowski revitalised historical parks

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