ECRR aims at identifying, selecting and connecting existing Reformation-themed cultural heritage around Europe (sites, objects and non-material legacy) and establishing an European Cultural Route of Reformation. To secure the effective running, consolidation and expansion of the Route after the ECRR’s lifetime, a stable and durable management structure will be developed and established by the Consortium. The adhesion of actors and institutions beyond the Project’s boundaries is desired and will be actively strived.

An application for the recognition as an European Cultural Route by the Council of Europe will be submitted by the end of the Project. To reach its goals the project applies an empowering bottom-up approach, in which local and regional stakeholders are actively engaged throughout the project’s running time, aligned for the posterior Route’s running and their capacities increased through training events. Capacity building, knowledge transfer and mutual learning are cornerstones of this project.

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ECRR: Project meeting

Concept of the Route and Terms of Reference

On 9th and 10th of May 2017 the project Partnership will meet in Plzen (Czech Republic) to hold the Steering Committe meeting and to agree on two main deliverables and pillars of the future Cultural Route, the Concept of the Route and its Terms of Reference.

The Concept of the Route includes a section on European Cultural Routes and their added value; the official definition of Reformation-themed cultural heritage; the overall objectives of the Reformation Cultural Route as well as a discussion of existing types of Cultural Routes and their content, to determine the character of the Reformation Cultural Route; Terms of Reference; a “Roadmap” for the establishement of the Cultural Route; a description of the foreseen stakeholder involvement process and finalizes with the expected main benefits of the Reformation-themed Cultural Route for both, members and visitors.

The Terms of Reference contain, selection criteria for potential components, parts, of the Route. These criteria are divided into essential and desirable. In addition to that a rough description of the selection process of the sites and Points of Interest will be depicted.

As soon as these deliverables are completed, they will be made available for all of you on this website.