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Second call for proposals

We have closed the call on 17 May 2023. Read more about our next steps and the timeline of project selection.

About the call

With the second call for project proposals, we invited organisations from across central Europe to submit their transnational cooperation ideas in all priorities and specific objectives. The call was open from 22 March to 17 May 2023 (13h00 Vienna time) with a budget of around 60 million Euros ERDF.

When we closed the call, 210 project proposals were submitted. They bring together 1843 organisations from all programme countries and beyond. If you applied with us, you can find more details about the next steps and the timeline for project selection below.

If the call came too early for you, there is another opportunity on the horizon already. We are planning to open a third call for proposals in the second half of 2024. Details of the call will be further discussed and decided by the monitoring committee in mid-October 2023.

Call launch

The second call opened on 22 March 2023

Call closure

The call closed
on 17 May 2023

Project selection

The decision is expected for early 2024

Project start

New projects are expected to start in spring 2024

Selection process

Scroll through the list below and find out about the next steps and an indicative timeline for the selection of second call projects.


Formal checks

After closing the call, we immediately check the submitted project proposals against formal and administrative requirements, such as:

  • Submission by the deadline
  • Minimum partnership requirements
  • Lead applicant requirements
  • Language requirements (application filled out in English)  
  • Completeness and compliance of submitted documents

Project proposals that fail to meet any of the above requirements, will be considered non-eligible. Lead partners will be informed about outcomes of these checks. Please check also our news section for relevant updates.

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June 2023


Relevance filter

In this step, we assess all remaining project proposals against two strategic criteria: relevance and partnership.

To pass the relevance filter, proposals have to contribute in a distinct way to a programme specific objective, demonstrate a convincing intervention logic, and show why transnational cooperation is needed. In addition, the composition of the partnership, its competencies and transnationality are key aspects.

The decision on relevance is taken by the programme monitoring committee and will be communicated to lead partners. Please check also our news section for relevant updates.


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October 2023


Full assessment

After the relevance filter, we fully assess all remaining applications. In this decisive phase of the selection process, we analyse the entire application form comprehensively. Each proposal is assessed by two experts. They look into the full set of strategic and operational criteria as outlined in the application package of the second call. In this step, we also perform a State aid assessment.

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Selection and contracting

The funding decision is taken by the monitoring committee based on the full assessment results. The results are communicated to lead applicants and also published on the programme website.

If selected, a project proposal might still have to address a number of conditions and recommendations to further improve its quality before entering the contracting phase. Projects are expected to start with their implementation once contracting is concluded.

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February 2024

Key call documents


Application package

The legal framework of our second call is provided in the application package, which also includes its Terms of Reference.

Download it here

Programme manual

General requirements and rules for applicants (and beneficiaries) can be found in our online programme manual.

Read into it