Improvement of skills of public authorities and entrepreneurs on business succession

During last two project periods (6/2019 - 5/2020) the project partners will be preparing and holding multiple innovative training programmes focused on the increase of skills of the national and regional public authorities from the partner countries and developing entrepreneurial competences of the business entities being a subject of the business succession process will be developed. 

Every partner involved in the project is organising 3 workshops based on these training
modules, 1 for public organisations and 2 for private businesses. Participants were often not aware of the work and preparation that goes into a successful business succession and with the help of the training it was possible to guide them to a more in-depth understanding of how they should approach this challenge.

Several different methods are involved in the trainings. For example, role plays, quizzes and Lego Serious Play, which is used as a method to build the perfect business transfer. With a lot of fun and a new understanding and solid base for business succession. 

All of the participants so far left the workshops feeling confident to tackle business succession in real life!

There are still trainings happening in all the partner regions. Therefore we recommend you to get in contact with your closest organization and prepare for a successful business transfer yourself!