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Stebo is working in the Province of Limburg (Belgium), a peripheral industrial area, with small- and medium-sized cities. It covers 2.400 km² and has 880.000 inhabitants. Its industrialization was initiated by the discovery of coal (1902). Last 50 years, after the closure of the mines, the region has firmly diversified in industrial sectors (automotive, logistics, steel, production, construction). The organization now counts  70 employees) started up 30 years ago as a grassroots response to the challenges after the mining closure. Today, it has evolved into an intermediary driving force for socio-cultural and socio-economic development, introducing new approaches to adapt its activities to the changing industrial context.

As an ex-traditional industrial region transforming into a creative area, Limburg has a remarkable richness of relevant examples in industrial culture. Stebo will thus act as a bridgehead towards Western Europe in the project. The institution also offers methodological support to the project partnership and is responsible for the communication work package. In both activities innovative and change facilitating approaches are being used to create a strong InduCult2.0 network (Appreciative Inquiry, Learning Networks, Generative Journalism and Social Media campaigning).

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