Regional workshop Zittau

On the 17th April 2018 the first MaGICLandscapes regional workshop in the tri-border area CZ-DE-PL took place at the International Institute Zittau, an institution of the TU Dresden. Around 30 participants from Poland, Czech Republic and Germany met to discuss the role of, enhancement and opportunities for green infrastructure in the tri-border area CZ-DE-PL. They discussed green infrastructure in depth, considering the planning, administrative, socio-economic and scientific aspects of the concept and its application in the region.

The aim of the workshop was identification of focus points for a detailed assessment of green infrastructure, its functions and opportunities for collaborative cross-border working. The rural areas surrounding the three settlements of Bogatynia-Hrádek nad Nisou-Zittau and extending to Liberec are an important migration corridor for wildlife between the Jizera and Giant Mountains (CZ, PL) in the East and the Zittau Mountains and Lusatian Uplands (DE, PL) to the West. In this area the opportunities for connective green infrastructure are manifold, key elements of existing green infrastructure such as the rivers Neisse and Mandau were highlighted by the participants. In addition to this, potential new areas for green infrastructure were identified including fallow land and mineral extraction areas, in particular the large brown coal mine in the Polish part of the region. Solar parks and wind farms in the area were also mentioned as having potential for enhanced GI functions. Participants also drew attention to the possibilities for improving and creating elements of GI in the urban and urban-fringe areas of the main settlements as part of a long-term planning approach.

Communicating the concept of green infrastructure requires public and institutional support. Therefore local knowledge is invaluable in identifying opportunities. This meeting was just the first step in fostering GI as a tool in the region and building upon existing cross-border networks that have an affinity with GI and its inter-sectoral approach and multiple benefits.

The Leibniz Institute for Ecological Urban and Regional Development would like to thank all of the participants for their invaluable input thus far and will use the results and information gained from the event to focus the next workshop which will take place on the 18th September 2018.

Contact: Henriette John | Leibniz Institute for Ecological Urban and Regional Development

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