Urban walks

Bhenefit Urban Walks are local events where people gather together to enjoy a walk through Historic Build Areas, guided by our partners and experts. The walks follow a thematic path that touches several points in town, focusing on the ones involved in cultural heritage management, to increase awareness about ongoing projects. 
In Bhenefit project we believe that active participation of people is the best way to learn, sharing ideas and diverse points of view to achieve solutions together.

Mid term and final Conferences

The mid term conference and final conference are events organized in order to present project achievements and results, while networking with stakeholders and raise awareness about project’s activities.


Infodays are organized to disseminate soft facts and light stories to European Policy Makers, to extend the territorial support to the Strategy.

Contribution to multipliers conference

In order to disseminate and present Project Key outputs to external networks, partners participate to external public seminars or conferences.