What ProsperAMnet is about?

ProsperAMnet stands for 'Progressing Service Performance and Export Results of Advanced Manufacturers Networks'

Many smart specialisation strategies of central European regions recognise the need of strengthening advanced manufacturers. Especially small- and medium-sized companies face substantial competitive pressure. One way out is to offer additional services, which, however, requires big structural changes, especially for service exporters. Therefore, the ProsperAMnet project will offer know-how and create a transnational network to collect experiences from the local level. The project jointly develops innovative tools and approaches to support advanced manufacturers and will build their capacities. Additionally, partners will develop strategic action plans and recommendations for the future. 

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Project outputs


How does the Service export radar work?

This video describes how the Service Export Radar and the underlying Artificial Intelligence works. The Radar is a free-to-use online tool designed to support Advanced Manufacturers in their service export activities.

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End of prosperamnet

Following the final project meeting and event the Interreg CE-funded project ProsperAMnet comes to an end on the 31st of March 2022. The project team successfully completed all the project activities and outputs.
Furthermore, numerous accompanying activities were conducted, to teach BSOs to transfer knowledge to AMs in their CE-region and to become expert hubs in the utilisation of monitor and radar, the implementation of the monitor and radar in pilot actions in the CE countries, and the development of country specific strategic action plans to enhance the service performance of the involved CE-regions were conducted by the project partners. Also, a database was published on the service platform as a tool to support Advanced Manufacturers (AMs) to search and find potential partners, customers, and competitors in different export markets.
ProsperAMnet was a very successful project with interesting outputs that have great potential to enhance the topics of service performance and service export in CE countries. As lead partner of the project, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Global Business Management, thanks all the participating project partners and companies that have successfully supported the project.
This website as well as the prosperamnet.eu service platform will end to be maintained starting on the 31st of March 2022. In case of any questions the contact details of the project partners are provided in the “contacts” section. 

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With this reports, especially policy makers are addressed in order to support them in improving regional AMs’ internal service capabilities and regional competitiveness in the field of Advanced Manufacturing Systems. Strategic Action Plans are developed for each involved CE-country, and shows the main challenges regarding industrial service excellence in the respective country, and gives insights how to overcome these challenges. 

- Round Tables on topic Service Performance -

Each Business Support Organisation, which is involved in the project executed a round table in its country in order to present and discuss the results of the service performance monitor to relevant stakeholders. 

8.7.2020 - online Round Table, organized by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia on the topic SERVICE DESIGN

3.9.2020: Round Table, organized by Business Upper Austria (Austria

8.9.2020: Round Table, organized by University of Economics in Bratislava (Slovakia)

10.9.2020: Round Table, organized by Innoskart Nonprofit Ltd. (Hungary)

17.9.2020: Round Table, organized by Bautzen Innovation Center (Germany)

25.9.2020: Round Table, organized by Friuli Innovazione Research and Technology Transfer Centre (Italy)

9.10.2020: Round Table, organized by South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce  (Czech Republic)


Project Duration

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Project Partners

ProsperAMnet has 10 partners from 7 countries.

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Project partners




Project Budget (m.)


ERDF Funding (m.)

Our associated partners support us to implement the project successfully
in each involved region

Technical University of Liberec, Faculty of Economics
(Czech Republic)

VDMA – Association of German Mechanical and Plant Engineering (Germany)

 Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy)

Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto (Slovenia)

Ministry of National Development, Digital Economy and Innovation (Hungary)

Austrian Chamber of Commerce, Foreign Trade, International Technology Cooperation (Austria)

European region Danube-Vltava (ERDV) (Germany)

Slovak marketing association (Slovak Republic)

South Bohemian Agency for Support to Innovative Enterprising (Czech Republic)

Municipality of Székesfehérvár (Hungary)