Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Projects


The programme supports transnational projects composed of public and private organisations that want to work together and cooperate beyond borders on solutions for common challenges of central European regions.

An Interreg CE project should implement cooperation actions which include the development and implementation of strategies, action plans, tools, training, pilot actions and related solutions. Project activities should lead to the output types as defined at programme level, notably: cooperations, strategies and action plans, pilot actions, solutions (see chapter I.2.2.2 on the programme intervention logic).

A project should demonstrate the translation of outputs into concrete, visible and sustainable results that lead to an improvement of the initial situation.

This chapter presents the general requirements and main features applicable to all projects funded by the Interreg CE Programme. It also describes how the intervention logic should be set up at the project level.

Please note that a specific call for proposals might set specific restrictions on the projects to be funded. This might concern the project thematic focus, the size of the partnership, the budget size, the project duration, etc. Information on this is available in the Terms of Reference of the call for proposals to which your project belongs to, available at xxxx.