I.2.2  Programme Priorities and Specific Objectives 


I.2.2.1   Programme Strategy

The Interreg CE Programme envisions a united central Europe that cooperates to become smarter, greener and better connected together. Based on shared needs and a common identity, the programme aims for a trustful culture of cooperation beyond borders.

Its mission is to bring regions and cities together beyond borders to find fitting solutions for their citizens in a fair and equal way everywhere. It encourages and supports transnational cooperation to make regions more resilient to common challenges that know no borders and which cannot be solved alone. These challenges include among others economic transition processes, climate change, and the long-term socioeconomic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The programme is organised in four funding priorities that are further broken down into nine programme specific objectives (SOs). 


The programme strategy was agreed by the participating Member States following thorough consultations with more than a thousand of relevant stakeholders. The complete partner involvement process is described in the founding document for the Interreg CE Programme (IP), which is available at xxx. This document also offers a detailed description of the challenges that affect central European regions, as well as of the above funding priorities and specific objectives.

I.2.2.2   Programme Intervention Logic

The programme intervention logic demonstrates how supported actions and developed outputs address the challenges and needs tackled by the programme. It also indicates how the programme will deliver its expected results


Programme outputs are clustered in four types:

  • Cooperations;
  • Strategies and action plans;
  • Pilot actions;
  • Solutions.

These outputs are expected to lead to programme results, which are clustered themselves in the types below:


Programme outputs and results build on outputs and results achieved by the funded projects. In order to measure the achievement of programme outputs and results, project outputs and results are therefore measured by means of corresponding output and result indicators. These are further explained in chapter I.3.4.

The intervention logic for each programme specific objective is described in detail in chapter 2 of the Interreg CE IP document, with an explanation of the specific territorial needs, thematic topics to be addressed by transnational cooperation actions and examples of actions as well as expected results.