I.2.5  Joint Electronic Monitoring System (Jems)


I.2.5.1   General Information

The Interreg CE Joint Electronic Monitoring System (Jems) is a customised version of the common monitoring system developed by the Interact Programme[1], which is used by a large community of Interreg programmes.

Jems is an online system conceived to cover the full project and progamme life-cycle in one monitoring tool that allows to reduce the need for additional paper processes to a minimum. Furthermore, the concept of “one single entry point” of data is followed, avoiding multiple manual entry of the same data, through automatic transfer of data to different sections in the system. Users can fill in online forms (e.g. application, reporting, assessment) and upload/download files. 

I.2.5.2   Technical Requirements

The Interreg CE Jems is available at https://jems.interreg-central.eu . It can be accessed via standard webbrowsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox (recent versions). For working in Jems, it is recommended to use a PC or notebook rather than mobile devices.  

I.2.5.3   Access and Support

Upon registration in Jems (https://jems.interreg-central.eu) users have access to the system as applicant users. Once a project is approved and contracted the LP user will be assigned to the project, who in turn assigns the partner users to the project partners. Specific access rights as needed by e.g. programme bodies, controllers, external experts or auditors will be given by the system administrator through assignment of the respective role.

A helpdesk for technical support specifically dedicated to Jems can be reached via email (jems@interreg-central.eu). The “?” icon in the Jems top menu bar also provides the help contact details.

Further guidance on the different sections and features in Jems will be available at xxx. 

[1] For more information on the Interact Jems initiative, please visit this page: www.interact-eu.net/#o=jems