I.2.4  Programme Governance and Management


The governance and management of the programme is shared between various bodies that, in compliance with the EU Structural Funds Regulation, are in charge of managing, coordinating, supervising and controlling the implementation of the programme.

  • Monitoring Committee (MC)

The MC steers the programme, verfies its sound implementation and approves the projects for funding. It is composed of representatives of the nine Member States participating in the programme.

  • Managing Authority (MA)

The MA is responsible for the management and implementation of the programme in accordance with the principle of sound financial management and in line with the applicable EU regulations. The MA also carries out the accounting function, i.e. it submits applications for payment to the European Commission and pays out ERDF co-financing to lead partners (LP).

  • Joint Secretariat (JS)

The JS is established by the MA and it assists the MA and the MC in carrying out their respective functions. The JS also undertakes the day-to-day implementation of the programme and provides guidance and support to project applicants and beneficiaries.

  • National Contact Points (NCP)

The nine Member States participating in the Programme established NCPs representing the programme on national, regional and local levels. In cooperation with the JS, NCPs provide information to potential applicants, advise and assist beneficiaries, communicate programme achievements and support programme management.

  • National Controllers

Each Member State has a control system in charge of verifying that co-financed products and services were delivered. National controllers also check the compliance of projects with applicable laws as well as programme rules and requirements. For further information on national control requirements please see chapter III.3.1.

  • Audit Authority (AA) and Group of Auditors (GoA)

The AA carries out system audits and audits on projects in order to provide independent assurance to the European Commission that the programme management and control system functions effectively and that expenditure submitted to the European Commission is legal and regular. The AA is assisted by the GoA comprising of representatives of bodies responsible for audits in each programme Member State. For further information on audits please see chapter III.3.2.

 Contacts to and further information on all programme bodies are available at xxx.