I.2.3 Programme Budget and Co Financing Rate


The ERDF programme budget is EUR 224.623.801, with following allocations to the four programme priorities: 

Priority ERDF (EUR)
P1. Cooperating for a smarter central Europe 67.387.140
P2. Cooperating for a greener central Europe 112.311.901
P3. Cooperating for a better connected central Europe 22.462.380
P4. Improving governance for cooperation in central Europe 22.462.380
Total 224.623.801

 The indicative allocation of funds to calls for proposals is defined in the respective Terms of Reference (ToR) of an open call, available at xxx.

The ERDF co-financing rate is 80% and beneficiaries have to ensure the needed co-financing of their activities. For more information, please refer to chapter I.3.1.6.