Project name Water Security and Safety Strategy in Central European Regions - WaSSER
Objective Objective 3.1
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim Existing European policies have addressed water related issues, giving a general framework, however emerging threats pose new challenges to secure water availability in the long run. Direct consequences of such situation affect local regions and territories, who are the first in line to suffer from the consequences of water crisis. Sectoral policies and strategies need to integrate in order to implement a common vision.
WaSSER aims at developing a comprehensive and common strategy to fresh water long term planning and management in Central Europe, which include such new challenges. The project will advance institutional capacities to protect and manage fresh water resources.
Results Appropriate common strategy and regional plans development, advanced integrated fresh water management capacities, and proper advocacy.
The common strategy includes the joint definition of a sustainable goal for fresh water, identifying and assessing emerging risks, actors and functions and tools/resources. Partners from different Central Regions will agree on a common vision on fresh water management. The strategy will be transferred into operational regional plans on fresh water. The project will reinforce existing Water Safety Plans and will pilot design new Water Security Plans. Permanent interinstitutional and multilevel focus groups with all the actors involved in water management, experts and other stakeholders. Policy dialogue will be reinforced through institutional cooperation with European policy makers.
Cost 2.000.000€
Duration 30 months
Partners involved Consortium under construction.
Partners requested We are looking for policy makers at national and regional levels and related entities, water management companies, environmental agencies dealing with fresh water:
- interested in exploring the status of fresh water resources in their regions,
- able to cooperate in the assessment of present and emerging threats to fresh water resource and to develop a joint strategy,
- located in Central Europe area.
Should other potential partners profiles being interested, please identify the added value to the proposal that you will be able to bring.
Innovation The project deals with emerging threats and innovative security strategies applied to fresh water.
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