Project name WIRED – We are In all Resourceful European Destinations [NOT FURTHER DEVELOPED]
Objective Objective 1.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim WIRED aims to design and deliver a participated model for social innovation pursuing sustainable tourism development of less-known peripheral territories across Central Europe.
The project is intended to create relevant positive links among places and peoples, and targets:
o small resourceful areas of Central EU that are critically in danger of being exclused from the socio-economic circuit, struggling against out-migration, and loss of well-educated people because of poor job opportunities;
o young people (18-35yrs) with and without a tourism-related educational background and NEETs, helping them acquire skills, competences and entrepreneurial mindsets to set up their own sustainable tourism business (profit-generating and/or with social objective) in disadvantaged areas.

The project helps young central Europeans to create, develop and build on novel business ideas that are suitable for driving tourism innovation and exploiting local identities, natural and cultural assets. The WIRED scheme blends training, coaching and mentoring, with the ultimate goal of forging self-confident young Europeans capable of delivering business plans expected to be investor and/or market-ready.
Vital to this action is the creation of conducive network involving public players at different governance level, private industry players, including impact hubs, knowledge producers and community representatives. This arrangement aims at improving effectiveness, legitimacy, and fast transfer of the proposed model at different levels: local (Italy), regional (Austria), national (Slovenia). Likewise, a product-oriented approach will be managed in Hungary, with a thematic focus on thermal tourism.
Results - Developed a well-organized multi-stakeholder strategy to drive social innovation and improve tourism entrepreneurship within small peripheral territories of Central EU;
- Improved skills, competences, entrepreneurial mindsets, and social capital of young central Europeans in danger of being economically and socially marginalized, as well as forced to leave their native territories;
- Designed, tested and validated a well-reasoned support scheme that can be applied at different levels: local, regional, national, as well as to facilitate the development of thematic tourism products.
Cost About EUR 3M
Duration 30 months
Partners involved Iseo Municipality, others to be confirmed
Partners requested Public and private players, knowledge producers and community representatives from Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary

Innovation The innovation range of the proposal is based on a people-to-people approach that revolves around the concept of community. It merges two community-centered issues:
- social entrepreneurship, that helps young people moving from personal and profit-generating interests only to collaborative and impact-driven approaches;
- management of less-known vulnerable tourism destinations that are rich in cultural and natural assets and values, these requiring the involvement of various stakeholders to reach the commonly shared objective to make them better to live, work, visit, and then invest in.
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