Project name Utilizing Innovation Capacities within Smart Tourism Ecosystem: Introduction of Interdisciplinary Solutions to Enhanced and Active User Experience
Objective Objective 3.1
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim The project aims to provide a sustainability framework that will promote Smart Tourism within CE region.
The bases for maximizing innovative potentials of touristic sector within urbanized regions is foreseen through provisioning a sustainable access to cultural heritage in transnational context. Involved partners will provide novel solutions in smart tourism sector relative to local specific needs. Provided solutions will be based on integration of culture, science and technology within Smart Tourism Ecosystem. The final goal of the project is to create an innovative Smart Tourism environment that would foster transition from traditional passive towards active user involvement in the process of enhancing touristic experience within CE region.
Results Partnering regions will provide a coherent system of policy measures implementable in the wider transnational context as a base for activating potentials of Smart Tourism Ecosystem.
Introduction of participative methodologies and tools that would foster transition from passive to active user involvement, based on integration of culture, science and technology in regard to improved touristic experience.
Establishment of a collaborative transnational network, that will foster further innovation potentials of urban ecosystems, in the field of culture, science and technology.
Development of scalable and replicable ICT solutions for Smart Tourism, which generate a significant improvement in citizens’ quality of life and competitiveness of tourism sector.
The project will also provide tools for publishing information that will be produced and exploited according to the emerging best practices of Smart Tourism and Open Data.
Cost 2.500.000 euro
Duration 36 months
Partners involved
Partners requested
Innovation Interdisciplinary approach towards deployment of Smart Tourism Ecosystem solutions
Inclusion of citizens in the process of transformation of passive to active user experience in tourism sector, based on integration of interdisciplinary modes of culture, science and technology.
Smart Tourism ICT tools.
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