Project name Support SME competitiveness through clusterhouses
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The aim of our project is to support SME competitiveness through providing them goods and services through clusterhouses. These cluster houses will also provide a platform for incubator houses. The base for these cluster houses will be primarily twin city connections, however other settlements are also welcome. There is already a well-operating clusterhouse in Hungary which will provide the base know-how and it will be adapted to the local environments with the support of local authorities. The members of the consortium will share experience in order to fine-tune this concept at each location.
Results We expect the improvement of SME competitiveness through providing support services and also the opportunity of building international relations though the cluster houses.
Cost 4500000 EUR
Duration 24 months
Partners involved KKV Klaszterház (HUN), Council of Hurbanovo (SK), Council of Pápa (HUN), Council of Zlutice (CZ), Council of Lovran (HR), Council of Wegrów (PL)
Partners requested Councils
Benefit The project will enhance SME competitiveness, their international relations and also strengthen the industy-local authority relationship.
Innovation Using clusters as a means of SME support tool is not very common. To further enhance this concept with the cooperation of twin cities, their exchange of experience and supporting each other in adapting a know-how to their local environment will open new possibilities for the operating SMEs at the involved regions. Later this concept may be introduced to other regions as well.
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