Project name Inclusive social innovation knowledge transfer in disadvantaged groups - PARTNERSHIP CLOSED NOW
Objective Objective 1.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The IN SITU project will develop, implement, pilot and validate a new tailored comprehensive social innovation scheme to integrate disadvantaged groups into the labour market.
The scheme will include strategies, pilot actions, methodologies, trainings, and related tools.
In order to define common denominators, which connect different types of disadvantaged groups, the scheme will focus as examples on the following four groups: (TBC)
• insolvents
• people with addiction problems
• people with multiple disadvantages
• migrants.
Each PP region will focus on one or more of these disadvantaged groups.

Target group: funding initiatives, members of the focussed disadvantaged groups (wherever possible), expert care and support organisations, third sector organisations, project partners.
Results In order to integrate disadvantaged groups into the regional labour markets of the partner regions a critical mass of relevant players must be formed.
Therefore the following specific objectives (SO) and results (R) are foreseen:
SO 1 Developing a strategy blueprint that uses social innovation as a means to integrate members of four disadvantaged groups into reg. labour markets:
(R 1) Focussing on four disadvantaged groups (exemplary: insolvents, people with addiction problems, people with multiple disadvantages, migrants), a strategy for a new tailored comprehensive social innovation scheme to integrate these groups into the labour market will be developed.

SO 2 Piloting the strategy blueprint for social innovation in six central European regions:
(R 2) Tailored methodologies, training materials, and related tools for the integration of the focussed disadvantaged groups will be developed as integral parts of the tailored comprehensive social innovation scheme.

SO 3 Validating the strategy blueprint IN SITU within the four focussed disadvantaged groups in the six partner regions:
(R 3) Social innovative projects and initiatives that were developed during the trainings will be transferred to the focussed disadvantaged groups IN SITU with the full support of the strategic triangle of relevant players, in particular, the funding initiatives.
Cost ca. 3 Mill. Euro
Duration 36 months: Sept 2018 – August 2021
Partners involved Vienna Board of Education, European Office (AT)
Vienna University of Economics and Business (AT)
Region of Veneto – Section for Labour (IT)
Stuttgart Media University (DE)
STEP RI Science and Technology Park of the University of Rijeka Ltd (HR)
and others
Innovation First innovative step will be the creation of a strategic triangle of players from (1) expert support and care organisations & third sector organisations; (2) social innovation and entrepreneurship experts; and (3) public/private funding initiatives.

A second innovative step will be the implementation of regional tailored comprehensive social innovation IN SITU scheme.

As a third innovative step, the IN SITU scheme will test and validate itself by turning the social innovative projects and initiatives into social enterprises within the focussed disadvantaged groups.
Follow up of CERIecon – CENTRAL EUROPE Regional Innovation Ecosystems Network
i.e.SMART – SMART Training Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Sustainable Economic Sectors

Stuart Simpson
Vienna Board of Education, European Office (AT)


Judit Makkos-Kaldi
Vienna Board of Education, European Office (AT)
Follow up fundings