Project name Smart tourism in rural areas.
Objective Objective 3.1
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim The aim of the project is to make the rural areas more accessible to tourists by introducing smart and sustainable tourism ecosystem. All tourism models require proper infrastructure, wide access to information and marketing campaigns. Those traits are more easily associated with urban areas. Rural regions suffer from shortages of these basic features that would attract tourists while having to offer comparable level of cultural and natural heritage. The root of this problem is the fact that the such areas require different approach to tourism improvement with less expensive infrastructure, more flexibility and the use of modern ICT to offer best tourism experience. In this context the aim of this project is to assess the individual needs of particular rural regions and identify the most promising natural and cultural heritage that can promote and be used to attract tourism. The project will map tourism resources (cultural and natural) categorized by them or chain of events that will allow tourists to quickly orientate in the local attractions and choose their point of interest. In order to achieve these goal the project aims at involving local community, especially elders as well as making favorable conditions for entrepreneurship for youths and unemployed.
Results • developed a well-planned multi-stakeholder strategy for driving tourism in rural regions
• local community involvement in driving innovation in their region
• the preservation of natural and cultural heritage and creation of sustainable tourism
• increase number of tourists visiting the region
• better recognition of peripheral tourist functions as tourist attractions
• validated a best practices that can be applied at local level
Cost 2 mln Euro
Duration 30 months
Partners involved
Partners requested
Innovation • promotion of less-known tourism destinations that are rich in cultural and natural heritage
• interdisciplinary approach towards deployment of Smart Tourism
• the involvement of citizens in the process of developing their own region
• ICT tools for development of Smart Tourism

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