Project name Smart services to implement circular value chain in Central Europe regions in the fields of innovation
Objective Objective 1.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The general aim of the project is to build and strengthening regional innovation capacities in Central Europe understood as creating an enabling environment through improved managerial system of the process of creation the circular value chain by innovative SMEs.

The specific objective of the proposed project is to develop cooperation among Central European regions in the area of development of methods and transfer of experience and best practice concerning smart solutions in the process of the implementation of innovation, processes leading to circular value chain and building transnational links for improving existing and developing new services which support innovation in businesses.
The research area covers the analysis of value chains within one of the smart regional specializations of selected Central European regions and development of conclusions and recommendations for increasing their innovativeness and competitiveness by providing good practice and experience in this field between the project partners.

The project is an attempt to discover existing or potential inter-sectoral links. This is to strengthen the further actions of regional authorities in Europe in the field of regional innovation development policy in order to increase the region’s potential competitive advantage. It is particularly important to analyze the existing cooperation networks of as well as to try to find concrete ways to integrate Central European enterprises into international networks and value chains. The analyzed value chains will be understood as a set of business entities that cooperate with each other and play the role of suppliers, recipients and distributors in the industrial specializations in the context of the implementation of the concept of Circular Economy.

The project will consist of three main stages:
• development of methodological approach, using methods recommended by Circular Economy,
• presentation (by every CE region) the implementation process of selected industrial innovative technology based product into the production process and into the market (within the existing or proposed value chain),
• conclusions and recommendations for the regional policy and for the development of interregional links.

The most extensive part of the study is the second phase, where an analysis of cooperation will be conducted aiming at identification of existing value chains, leading to their detailed analysis and then to their correction based on the expertise of project partners having a richer experience and more effective solutions in the field.
Duration September 2018 - August 2021
Partners involved Lodzkie Region, Poland
Institute of Biopolimers and Chemical Fibres, Łódź, Poland
Lodz Regional Development Agency S.A., Łódź, Poland
Partners requested Public sector, academia, SMEs associaltions, regional development agencies
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