Project name LiQuiD (Life Quality Design)
Objective Objective 1.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The main objective of the project is to raise the competences and skills of SMEs in delivering new and useful services in life quality sector in EU medium-sized cities. The expected change will be visible in increased innovation and usability of LQ services which will help the peripheral areas in shifting the level of satisfaction of inhabitants.
Results The main results of the project aim to increase skills of SMEs (LQ service providers) and business support public institutions in creation of innovative Life Quality Services. Skills development of employees and entrepreneurial competences achieved relates to design.
Cost Approx. 1 mln EUR
Duration 36 months
Partners involved (4) Business Support Institutions
(4) Policy Level Support Bodies from Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary
(1) Policy Level Support Body from Austria
Partners requested
Follow up of No
Follow up fundings