Project name SMACE - Small Museums Across Central Europe
Objective Objective 3.2
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim The aim is to valorize small museums in Central Europe, that are often forgotten places, while they are gems of our cultural tissue. The cross-sectorial cooperation between cultural and creative SMEs could promote small museums as cultural and economic animator, raising awareness in public policies.
Results a) to improve capacities for the sustainable use of cultural heritage and resources, enhancing the cross-sectorial cooperation and linkages of CCI to other sectors and/or innovative technologies
b) to identify the small museum as a cultural and economic animator
c) to establish a network of EU small sized museums with connections to cultural facilitators, public bodies and creative experts for cultural institutions to research, create, and/or adopt best cultural management strategies
d) to raise awareness in the public policies to legislate in a congruous manner for the specific segment;
e) to reinforce relations between the cultural industry and the creative industry that are often present in the same sector, while they often remain disunited in particular for small companies
f) to train motivated, cultural, creative and marketing-oriented operators with a focus on creating new profiles
g) to rise the economic impact of culture on market
h) develop an innovative philosophy of small sized museum management
Cost Approximately 2 M EUR
Duration 36 months
Partners involved Province of Padova (IT) and public bodies
Partners requested Key-authorities or key-actors with an interest in cultural, art, museums sectors (e.g. Universities, Research Centres, Foundations..) Partners from Germany, Austria, Slovenia would be welcome
Innovation To identify the small museum as a cultural and economic animator, through the development of plans and specific activities fit to involve cultural and creative SMEs and other actors in common projects and able to trigger innovative collaboration and the development of new cultural products.
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