Project name SHARE_IT - Source sharing platform for innovative SMEs (crowdfunding +)
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim Development of new tools for gaining resources for innovative SMEs and innovative ideas - a source sharing platform - with the methodology and IT solution, which could be adaptable in other partners.
Results Planned outcome:
- Development and dissemination of alternative funding and source sharing tools for innovative SMEs - a platform including crowdsharing
- increase of the cooperation between market and business actors in the introduction of innovations to the market
- templates and guidance of tools in particular countries (incl. law, regulations, cultural, social etc.)
Cost TBD (depending on the numer of partners - € 2-3 mln)
Duration 36 months
Partners involved TBD
Partners requested None
Innovation New innovative ways of validation and development of SMEs and innovative ideas through the public material (financial and in-kind) support - RDSs, chambers of commerce, local authorities etc. eligible for the programme
Follow up of n/a
Follow up fundings