Project name SACSESS - Single Atom Control for Sustainable Energy Smart Strategies
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim A sustainable energy landscape is a major issue for nowadays geopolitical and technological frameworks. The scientific and technical knowhow to identify possible solutions is extremely advanced and in continuous evolution at the pace of research-based novel discoveries. We will assemble a unique inter-regional network, combining both most recent and developing scientific competences in the field of nanomaterials for energy conversion and synthesis of vectors in a sustainable scenario. Research topics will be also triggered by a collaboration with the utility company involved in the project, in close collaboration with a large research infrastructure, in order to identify applied energy saving and co-generation issues. This would accomplish Specific Obj. 1.1 and in part 2.1 of the program. Disclosure to the regional public will also be a target in order to match supply and demand of knowledge. Strategies and action plans will yield tools to strengthen the links between the partners and the local entities, disclosing fundamental insight into energy-devoted novel materials. Pilot actions will exploit state-of-the-art skills of the network, implementing novel solutions for the characterization of nanomaterials, and offering a number of training opportunities to a selected target group, yielding uniform knowledge transfer and dissemination. After the action, a self-sustaining network of actors will be available to foster cross-linking cooperation in this scientific field.
Results Activities will configure state-of-the-art investigation facilities accessible to the network members and to the target group, providing an advanced framework for cutting-edge characterization of model materials. Pilot actions will configure the widest available spectrum of tools, including theoretical modeling of materials, linear and non-linear advanced laser spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, microscopy imaging, chemical and physical characterization.
Expected results will yield an increased and sustainable linkage between innovation actors. In particular:
- the network will cooperate in a corroborative and complementary scheme
- the exchange program for the staff of the target group will contribute to the formation of a specific and dedicated knowhow
- the scientific knowhow and the innovation steps will be available to regional private and public institutions thanks to the creation of a target group and through information events as services to improve the innovation system.
Cost 3 M€
Duration 3 yrs
Partners involved - Lead partner: Università degli Studi di Trieste (Dipartimento di Fisica) – Trieste (Italy);
- Project parners: Technische Universitaet Wien – TUW (Institute of Materials Chemistry - IMC) – Wien (Austria); Institut Jozef Stefan (Department of Physical and Organic Chemistry) – Ljublijana (Slovenija); Charles University (Department of Surface and Plasma Science) – Prague (Czech Republic); Sinergie SpA (large regional multi-utility energy company); Elettra ScpA (research infrastructure end heavy load energy user);
- Associated partner: ICTP International Centre for Theoretical Physics – Trieste (Italy)
Partners requested No
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