Project name Regional Empowerment of Migrant Enterprises and Entrepreneurs in Central Europe – REMEE Central Europe
Objective Objective 1.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim REMEE Central Europe is aimed at empowering migrant enterprises and entrepreneurs across the region of Central Europe on diverse levels of engagement. The core elements that are being addressed by this project idea are a) the facilitation of client-centred entrepreneurship trainings, b) the establishment of a mentoring and fellowship programme, c) regional support structure evaluation and policy learning and, finally, d) the initiation of cross-border cooperation on participant and stakeholder-level.
Building on the experiences and understanding of networks in the field of migrant entrepreneurship, the project specifically intends to interlock existing and newcomer entrepreneurs with the local economy. One realisation of this goal is to strengthen the human resource capacities of existing migrant enterprises. A second is to encourage more enterprise teams that consist of multinational and multi-ethnic members as this reportedly can have a positive impact on the business success rate.
Results REMEE Central Europe ideally looks forward to help strengthening the landscape of existing migrant enterprises in Central Europe by offering support in company-related structural processes. Furthermore, the facilitation of new enterprises and the proliferation of migrant enterprise activities, respectively, should be increased and – as an indirect effect – general employability of the target groups should be enhanced.
Cost Approx. 1 Mio. Euro
Duration 3 years
Partners involved ISM Mainz e.V.
AAU Nürnberg
Partners requested Four partners based in the following countries: Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Poland
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