Project name Regional Center for Circular Economics - RCCE

Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim Main Goal
Creation of ROGS - responsible for implementation of circular economy development strategies for SMEs
Detail objectives
1. Creating a platform for knowledge in the field of circular economy
2. Increased competence and knowledge of the SME sector in the circular economy
3. Identification of the most important barriers to the functioning of SMEs in the field of circular economy
4. Improving the knowledge of all foreign partners in the area of administrative / financial mechanisms (administration, law, financing) of the circular economy
5. Creation of mechanisms for the financing of circular economy projects undertaken by SMEs.
Results Action plan
1. Identification and analysis of regional policies / aspects of administrative / economic entities in a closed-loop economy in partner countries
2. Analysis of the current level of development of the circular sector - SMEs, foundation, cluster – connection with circular economy.
3. Creation of knowledge transfer (from the best to the weakest in the closed economy) and support for training
4. Transferring acquired knowledge / research / information to the SME sector
5. Examining the barriers and problems of the SME sector in the context of a closed-loop economy
6. Analysis of the sources of finance used for the implementation of closed-loop projects
7. Development of a directory of good practices and principles of RCCE
Cost 4 mln eur
Duration 3 years
Partners involved Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy - universities, business units, regional authorities
Partners requested Universities, Business units, Regional Authorities

The aim of the project is to implement the rules of the circular economy. In addition, the creation of a circular economy incubator for companies interested in the development of the company in the direction of the circular economy. The leader of the project wants to create conditions for exchanging experiences, exchanging good practices, developing regional specializations. It is necessary to define new support instruments in the financing of eco-investments for the circular economy.
Innovation The potential of SMEs in Europe is high. At the same time, attention is paid to the need to optimize production processes, management and costs in the context of circular economy. Low awareness of companies in the field of circular economy is a huge area for developing and implementing new ideas and principles of circular economy in practice.
Follow up of RCCE is the beginning of the development of circular economy in Poland. It is assumed that a high number of small and medium-sized enterprises will want to change the profile of activity in the direction of circular economy. The newly established center will support companies in this transformation.
Follow up fundings