Project name REIF
Regional infrastructure for railway freight transport - revitalised
Objective Objective 4.2
Priority Transport and mobility
Aim With vast investments the EU has developed transnational high capacity rail freight corridors, while against that rail infrastructure was gradually taken out of service across the wider area. On the one hand the framework conditions for long-distance rail transport are first-class; on the other hand in many regions the industries with very big flow of goods (e.g. wood, paper, metal, chemicals, sand, gravel etc.) or even entire industrial parks find themselves nowadays often disconnected from the rail network. Due to a lack of feeder infrastructure the desired revival of rail freight transport is pending. The closing down of underutilized lines is still an issue in nearly all countries. In the new member states the situation is worsened by a significant need for restoration of their rail networks, leaving little space to continue such light railways. At the same time there are good examples for the revitalization of lines both for passenger and freight transport. The REIF project wants to build on such good practices and lay ground for the preservation or even the redevelopment of the feeder infrastructure for rail transport in the participating regions and beyond.
Results The project aims at increasing the modal share of regional rail freight transport by focusing on mitigation measures for the regional rail feeder system. Within the project the regional potential for rail freight transport shall be determined and existing bottlenecks in infrastructure be identified. These analyses set the ground to (a) improve the conditions for the shipper of goods and products relevant for rail transport as well as (b) to inform the stakeholder about effective measures, which are capable in either preserving vulnerable connections or even redeveloping closed tracks. Providing comprehensive information is one instrument to influence the decision making of shipping industries towards rail transport in a region.
Cost About 1,8 Mio. ERDF, max. 8-10 partners
Duration 01.01.2019 - 31.12.2021 (36 Months)
Partners involved Lead Partner: Thuringian Ministry for Infrastructure and Agriculture (DE)
Scientific partner: University of Applied Sciences Erfurt (DE)
Partners requested Transport authorities or subordinate agencies, best from regional and/or national level
Providers of railway infrastructure
Innovation Regions do mostly not execute sovereign tasks in the field of rail freight transport. Nonetheless the desired shift of goods transport to rail requires actions on regional level to close existing gaps in rail infrastructure. REIF will introduce new tools for the elaboration of a knowledge base and lay ground for new policy concepts facilitating joint solutions between the various stakeholders involved.
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