Project name Protection, preservation and promotion of industrial heritage in Central Europe
Objective Objective 3.2
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim The main idea is to give an emphasis on promotion and preservation of industrial heritage of Central Europe as one of the important angles that is possessed by the territory. Due to vivid historical changes in the last few centuries in the field of industrialization and especially Industrial Revolution and its effect, Central Europe territory possesses great historic, economic and social value for sustainable growth within the region. Architectural sites and monuments, engineering technologies and artifacts, mark the gradual social and economic transition affected by industrial milestones, but more importantly, narrate and honor the lives of men, women and children who lived, worked and fought for the better future during the changes encompassing the industrial development. The added significance of industrial heritage lies in its diversity of traditions, cultural and habitual expression. This specific milieu of industrial areas represents a source for developing creative approaches, mechanism and solutions, which in turn lead to better employment opportunities, growth of entrepreneurship and tourism.
Territorial needs/ challenges addressed by this project:
• lack of sufficient use of cultural resources (incl. industrial heritage) e.g. in tourism
limited interpretation of industrial heritage,
• low emphasis on sustainable use of cultural resources
• restricted and vague communication strategies and connection tools between local and regional stakeholders,
• low emphasis on cultural and educational youth exchange, especially in the field of contemporary art and music,
• pressures on natural and cultural resources (incl. climate changes) endanger the existence and limit future usage potentials
• limited or non-existing tourism market in culturally significant areas, currently suffering from low economic and social hardship.
We’d like directly deal with previously described issues by focusing on preservation, protection, development and sustainable use of industrial heritage in relation to the Central Europe priority axis 3 (Cooperating on natural and cultural resources for sustainable growth in CENTRAL EUROPE).
Results • improved management of preservation and revival of industrial heritage in the Central Europe region
• cooperation with the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH),
• defining industrial heritage valorization standards and mechanisms,
• developing strategies and approaches for sufficiently use of natural and cultural resources and linking of heritage sites
• engaging in collaborative market research, developing strategies for marketing and sustainable tourism planning and management,
• defining an action plan for opening new markets, encouraging growth of SME and creating better employment opportunities in the field of tourism,
• creating an open platform for educational and cultural exchange with the purpose to enable creative artistic expression and cultivate a strong, educational link between our past and our future,
• designing and improving mechanisms for execution of collaborative, innovative and learning modus operandi.
Cost Cca. 1.600000 EUR
Duration Cca. 24 months
Partners involved Zasavje Regional Development Agency
Partners requested Any organisation that is interested in cultural heritage and find itself in the project idea.
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