Project name On the way to healthy food
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The main objective of the project is to strengthen the regional innovation capacity by development of the synergies between stakeholders with a result of promoting the designed healthy tailor-made food for consumers with special needs and thus thus to support the local competitiveness in the Central Europe countries.
Results The result of the project will be the transfer of the designed food products to the market. The innovative food will be dedicated to certain group of consumers.
The added value to the project will be the increase of awareness of the wide public about the compounds in food, the prepared Action plan supported and consulted with the relevant authorities in the partner countries.
The results of the project will support of the local markets, increase of the competitiveness of local producers with new, innovative food reflecting the specific needs of consumers.
Partners involved Slovak University of Agriculture, AgroBioTech Research Center is the lead partner
Partners requested We still search for partners from eligible Central Europe countries to complement the consortium. We search for different legal entities dealing with food and health.
Fields of research: biotechnology, economy, genetics, medicine, health, microscopy, genetics, analytics...
We search for partners able to detect the contaminants in food (chlorates, perchlorates), mycotoxins (aflatoxin, patulin, ochratoxin A,…-),hydroxymethylfurfural, saccharides by HPLC, acrylamide etc.
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