Project name New energy planning for Central Europe
Objective Objective 2.2
Priority Low carbon cities and regions
Aim Comprehensive and integrated energy policies together with energy planning in micro region going to be one of crucial task in order to meet upcoming challenges of future energy system. Energy production from RES, changing patterns of energy consumption and challenges of e-mobility needs to be address on differently as usual business nowadays.
Existing practices in energy policy planning usually use non-integrated methodologies and tools that are not adequate, so it is difficult to have a consistent representation of the energy systems at different levels. In a multi-disciplinary, team with experienced partners, our project will develop a new methodology for integrated transnational approaches to climate change mitigation, energy innovation potentials, economic structures and control the implementation progress of energy plans.
Results Setting up energy related areas, regardless of administrative borders, to achieve sustainable energy use and energy security.
Systematically guide how to achieve cooperation among different stakeholders
Step by step guide how to engage authorities, industry and civil society in energy planning.
Set of tools and guidelines how to achieve integrated and cross-level energy planning.
Cost 1,5 mio EUR
Duration 30 months
Partners involved KSSENA - Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region
Partners requested Pilot local or municipal authorities – which will connect other municipalities in energy region (Area).
Local energy agencies.
Experts in communication exploitation and stakeholder involvement.
Innovation Future of energy planning is uncertain and usually limited to administrative border, which do not present optimal and viable solution of energy consumption and production in energy territories. Our innovation is “go beyond the border” energy planning.
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