Project name NaturPark
Preservation and sustainable use of our natural heritage with and for local communities in nature parks of Central Europe
Objective Objective 3.1
Priority Natural and cultural resources
Aim The preservation of natural heritage in cultural landscapes in the long-term should be based on local traditions as well as innovative new methods. Important consideration is that local communities can feel that nature conservation is for all of us, even for shorter time and from financial point of view.
In the project, we are planning to organise landscape walks and other community programmes for reconstruction of landscape assets in bad state for local people, as well as trainings for local people for becoming local guides and rangers of nature heritage. We are planning to build the needed infrastructure for these activities including permanent places for monitoring water quality of streams and lakes in the regions, as well as interactive nature heritage interpretation sites.
The project will build a positive attitude for nature conservation of local people with involving them, as well as to share knowledge in different context: to share traditional knowledge of local people and nature conservation experts with up-to-date research experiences, as well as the possibly different nature management practices in cultural landscapes of the region.
Important component of the project is the channeling of the described method to the higher education. The Naturparks would prodvide a field for practice for summer schools and field studies both for students of nature sciences and tourism.
Results As a result of the project activities, a common cadastre of natural and cultural landscape assets of the given nature parks will be built by common activity of researches and local people, and will be available for the communities of the given regions.
After the project period, a complex study on traditional and innovative management methods, as well as trained local “knowledge-keepers” will help preservation and sustainable use of nature heritage of the given regions. This will help the sustainable work of nature park associations.
As a result of the project activities, a common international nature conservation database on GIS-basis will be built, which will be available for locals and researchers as well. As a result of this, the project areas can serve as references of cultural landscapes for nature conservation monitoring activities, and will become suitable for hosting researches on nature conservation management in the future.
The Naturpark concept will be embeded into the higher education.
Cost 130.000 - 150.000 EUR per PP
Duration 36 months
Partners involved Under definition.
Partners requested National parks, naturparks, nature associations, universities, educational institutions, municipalities that intend to run (or already running) naturparks. Partners are welcomed from all CENTRAL countries.
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