Project name MUSICEC - Mutualization of Services for Innovation of Central Europe Clusters
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The main scope of the project is to establish a high profile cooperation model between the clusters in the Central Europe regions, operating in the value chains of the RIS3 regional strategies. The objective is the development of a shared transnational program of services for innovation called "CENTRAL EUROPE CLUSTER PASSPORT".
Results The main result will be the development of the "CENTRAL EUROPE CLUSTER PASSPORT", adopted by the clusters participating in the project and other clusters in Central Europe regions. The passport will assure for all cluster members the access to a set of services mutually offered.
Other results of the project will include: the test of the services included in the Passport on a number of companies, the development of innovative business models for Central Europe clusters, the training of the staff of the clusters on the topics of management and marketing of innovation, the analysis of the needs for innovation services of SMEs and the already active services provided by other innovation agents, the creation of a cluster web community for exchange and promotion of services, mutual learning through workshop and conferences with european and national experts.
Cost 1.500.000 Euros
Duration 30 months
Partners involved
Partners requested European clusters, better if ESCA labelled (gold/silver/bronze)
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