Project name LowCarb Mobility for Clean Air
Objective Objective 2.2
Priority Low carbon cities and regions
Aim Realising novel, scalable, unprecedented, experimental solutions in a 'downstream' fashion in urban and peripheral/transboundary regions through low carbon mobility solutions on two (or three) wheels.
Results We recognise and are keen to capitalise on the the following projects:
- LowCarb (Mobility Planning incl. Public Transport solutions). E.g. shared e-bike charging stations in rural areas; a FUA bike-share scheme but with smart monitoring of e-bike battery charge status; scale up of mobility hubs for e-bike charging or bike-battery exchange.
- MoveCit: Workplace Travel Planning: Shared 2/3-wheel solutions at workplaces but w e-Scooters & at new institutions, e.g. academic campuses, business/industrial parks, healthcare facilities.
- SmartCommuting: Better Planning and coordination among PTOs, city and community stakeholders vis-a-vis the location of docking/charging stations to ensure optimal utilisation of shared-bikes.
- LAirA: Landside Airport Accessibility. Recognising the value of e-mobility/cycling solutions, exploring PT service extensions w shared cargo bikes to travellers, scaling up an existing bike-share scheme for airport employees (landside) and/or e/cargo-bike-share scheme for groundstaff (airside).

We can neither ignore:
SULPITER: Freight in FUAs (cargo bikes); SOLEZ: Access restrictions/Low Emissions Zones
and from TRANSPORT:
PERIPHERAL ACCESS (MaaS platforms incl. bikeshare schemes); RUMOBIL (from bike&ride to a transnational (e)bike-share scheme either side of a border); SUB-NODES (regional e-bike-share for passengers either side of the train ride).

We’ve several bike-friendly cities in Hu, Si, Hr, It & CR, part of h2020 projects & ready to capitalize!
Partners involved We're in talks with several of these consortia about possible collaboration.
Partners requested The door is still open to others.
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