Project name LOCER (Local Centre of Reintegration)
Objective Objective 1.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The project LOCER focuses on re-emigration and reintegration of persons who are returning from earning emigration to the country of origin. Because of the dynamic changes in the political and economic situation in the European Union (i.a. UK’s exit from the EU we can expect increased migration movement in Central and Easter Europe.
The project LOCER aims to assist local stakeholders and institutions in creating international cooperation network, exchange knowledge and experience, in developing and implementing the complex action strategy for social, economic and cultural reintegration addressed to people returning from migration. The project involves creating network of Local Centre of Reintegration (LOCER). Organizational structure, scheme and strategy of LOCER will be developed together with the project partners (1 stage) , then in the second step we will apply it in a pilot phase to a limited number of municipalities. The support will be directed not only to returnees, but also to residents of communes, who are often skeptical about migrants and the process of social inclusion. The Centers will act in accordance with local specification, what will be kind of filling the gap in regional or local governments unit programs with perspective of entities and local institution focusing on integration social participation as well as sustainable development of the community (strengthen development of social intermediate structure and bottom-up initiatives).
Results Results
1. Creating international cooperation network of local response communities (more sensitive to the needs of residents), who are interested in strengthening the social capital of the region, development of local civil society, which are amenable to the process of social and economic inclusion focus on re-emigrants.
2. Developing comprehensive strategy of social, economic and cultural reintegration re-emigrants including local perspective.
3. Tested operational concept of Local Centre of Reintegration applying in limited number of municipalities.
4. Strengthening social integration process on the local level through promotion of bottom-up initiatives.
5. Encouraging persons who are returning from earning emigration to the country of origin to social and economic inclusion under the local measures.
6. Fostering mental and attitude change of sceptic residents concerning the topic of re-emigration and social-economic reintegration process.
Cost Approx. 2 mil. EURO
Duration 36 months
Partners involved Foundation for Social Participation
Profesja Group
Partners requested Institution and local organization on commune levels – local governments (rural commune, rural-urban commune), NGO, educational institutions (school, university, training organization), local employment agencies.
Poland (2), Slovakia (2), Czech Republic (2), Hungary (2), Ukraine (1)
Innovation The aim of the project LOCER is to strengthen development of international cooperation network of entities and local institution in terms of re-emigration (returning from earning emigration to the country of origin). Consider comprehensively social reintegration referring to the theory and practice of development local civil society structure, which is inclusive and open for changes. Indicate the measures focused on re-emigrants, but also included experiences and needs of local residents, who are involved in creating Centers (promoting bottom-up initiatives).
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