Project name Knowledge Base in the field of water transport in Central Europe
Objective Objective 4.2
Priority Transport and mobility
Aim The aim of the project is to develop a system for collecting the knowledge of water transport for the reconstruction of water transport in Central Europe. Knowledge base will contain the identification of historical water connections and contemporary proposals for solutions aimed at rebuilding connections of Central European countries waterways. The database will also be included new innovative solutions developed in universities, non-governmental organizations and associations and research institutions in Europe. Constructed knowledge base will help to increase the economic importance of Central Europe.
In the project we provide various models of transport systems operating in European and non-European countries. The results of the research in the area of ensuring water availability for the waterways, with consideration for the environment, will be the basis for the development of optimal models for transport systems.
Knowledge base will take into account current projects of transport corridors of the "Connecting Europe" and water connection of the Baltic-Adriatic-Black Sea (BABS). The results of the projects supporting the activation of seniors will be included in the creation of a knowledge base. Created system will act as a cooperation platform for young people, experienced engineers and students mainly EU countries. Under the project shall be prepared systems for communication and education. Expert solutions contained in the knowledge base can be used in water transport infrastructure projects including sea-river ships. Based on the knowledge base will be developed assumptions expert system.
Results Knowledge base in the field of water infrastructure and industries producing safety devices to build water transport system.
Logistics safety systems need water in canals and rivers.
Models of transport systems.
New solutions in the area of the selection of materials and technologies for water infrastructure and sea-river ships.
A platform for exchange of knowledge between generations.
Preparing personnel supporting the acquiring of knowledge.
Activation of older people in the transmission of knowledge to younger generations.
Preparation of young staff through acquiring knowledge from experienced people .
Uploading digital libraries publications in the field of water transport prepared by people with professional experience. Development and implementation of procedures for obtaining knowledge of engineering staff organized in associations including associations Federation of Engineering Associations. Assumptions for the construction of advisory systems including expert and hybrid systems
Duration 36 month
Partners involved West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin;
Polish Foundrymen Association-(STOP);
Partners requested West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin;
Polish Foundrymen Association-(STOP)-Kraków
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