Project name Innovation and Competitiveness in Organic Sector in Central Europe Regions - CEO LAB
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim To implement regional innovation strategies built on competitive and support measures by developing and matching research and innovation strengths with business needs while aiming to identify new and emerging market opportunities.
Results 1. Encouraging measures which accelerate commercialisation of innovation ideas in order to bring innovation closer to market, also by exploring new financial patters for commercialisation of R&D and innovation. In order to discover and exploit market opportunities, it is also aimed to facilitate continuous collaboration between business, research and higher education institutions, civil society and public administration following the quadruple helix approach.

2. Stimulating R&D activity in firms and especially in SMEs, promoting industrial research and technology transfer from Universities and public research organisations, promoting technological transfer and capacity building, disseminating new technologies, both at regional and interregional level. Special attention will be given to the innovation potential and related needs of small and micro business.

3. Strengthen the organic SME potential and the regional innovation capacity in the organic sector in Central Europe regions through building its organizational, business and innovative potential so that it can effectively contribute to the development of organic food companies both on national and European level.
Cost 1,5 - 2 mln EUR
Duration 36 months
Partners involved Lodzkie Region (Poland), Lombardy Region (Italy), Pannon Business Network (Hungary), The Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Hungary), Association of Research Organisation (Czech Republic)
Partners requested RIS3 operators and other institutions interested in the Organic Sector from Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany
Follow up fundings