Project name InSMART – Integrative Smart City Planning’
Objective Objective 2.2
Priority Low carbon cities and regions
Aim The ‘InSMART – Integrative Smart City Planning’ methodology was successfully tested within the Seventh Framework Programme – Energy (FPY7-Energy) of Horizon 2020, establishing and implementing a comprehensive methodology for enhancing sustainable planning which addresses the current and future city energy needs through an integrative and multidisciplinary planning approach. By involving relevant stakeholders and analysing future building and transportation needs, by using GIS tools and the Times model for scenario analysis, and by discussing the project results with local politicians, the methodology was used to develop municipal energy plans in four cities of the EU: Nottingham (United Kingdom),Cesena (Italy), Évora (Portugal) and Trikala (Greece).
Results Taking into account the success stories above and with the partnership of the experts who developed and tested this methodology, the proposal would deal with the implementation of a similar methodology to InSMART in the region, so to prepare municipal energy plans.
Cost TBC
Duration 36 months
Partners involved TBC
Partners requested Potential partners from Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia
Follow up of ‘InSMART – Integrative Smart City Planning’ - Seventh Framework Programme – Energy (FPY7-Energy) of Horizon 2020
Follow up fundings