Project name INDUSTRY 4_0
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim Targeted focus: Triple and quadruple helix approaches to strengthen the participation of public and civil society actors (in particular RIS3 key actors)
The ongoing automatization of industry, known as INDUSTRY 4_0 initiative, represents the risks, but also the opportunities for CE industrial countries. EC analyses the Industry 4.0 in study, developed in 2016. Initiative encompasses the digitalisation of production processes based on devices autonomously communicating with each other in the value chain. EC considers the potential of the initiative and business paradigm changes and impacts of this transformation.
Results Preparation and support of working flexibility of the working force
• Motivation and training of international experts
• Establishment of transnational networks, new possibilities arising from shared economy
• Social business models, Triple a Quadruple helix (public sector, private sector, universities, possibly NGO´s)
• Digitalisation (platforms for sharing of production and construction capacities, creative activities, etc.)
Cost about 2 mil EUR
Duration 3 years
Partners involved any
Partners requested Ústí Region is looking for partners interested in the presented topic to search the new creative ways, how to utilise the situation of Industry 4_0 and other technologies - „Advanced manufacturing systems“ and to eliminate the risks for regional employment and growth.
Innovation Ústí Region is the region with the highest unemployment rate in the Czech Republic and is endangered by the 4th Industrial revolution, so the Regional government decided to share the experience and know-how with other EU institutions and to develop the strategy to overtake the process. The transnational project will enable to develop the supporting “Ecosystem” serving for introduction of the changes in enterprising and industry following the automatization of the production.
Follow up of PURE_COSMOS, SIE - INTERREG EUROPE programme
Follow up fundings