Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The aim of the project is to develop a new approach to problem-solving accommodation capacity in places where large number of people (massive scale) come to stay occasionaly and temporarily. Improvements are contained in smart methods, developed to invent innovative models and apply innovative design and high – tech structures. The specific goal of the project is multidisciplinary collaboration focused to explore and develop an innovative approach, which will be economically, socially and spatially applicable in regular conditions (business, social life) and crisis conditions (emergency, security). Tourism, climate changes, as well as migration crises, are issues of particular concern to Europe. The aim of this project is to find common solutions which contribute to the competitiveness and safety of the Central Europe region.
Results Cooperation between scientific institutions, city and local authorities, businesses and civil society will bring a new approach to a massive scale accommodation in different temporary occasions. The applicability of the innovative methods and processes will improve the level of competitiveness of Central European countries in regular conditions (business, social life), and have a positive impact to the level of safety in emergency situations (crisis conditions).
Conduct of research and exchange of knowledge and experience between science institutions and entrepreneurs to define the strategy, details and methods for implementation of new solutions.
New methods and models for cities, local authorities and business to resolve problem of massive scale accommodation in occasional and temporary circumstances.
To achieve the objectives, project partners will develop:
- Unique methodology and methodological approach for each participant in the process
- Action plan with specific activities for each participant in the process
Cost 3 mil euro
Duration 36 months
Partners involved University of Zagreb Faculty of Architecture
Partners requested SME,s, Cityes and Municipalities, Research Centres, Regional Development Agencies from Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia etc...
Innovation New knowledge and methods: accommodation of a large number of people (massive scale accommodation) in regular and unexpected occasions. All based on an innovative approach.
Follow up of no
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