Project name HoCare 2.0 - Delivery and deployment of Innovative solutions for Home Care by strengthening quadruple helix cooperation and applying principles of co-creation in territorial innovation ecosystems
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim To foster delivery and deployment of highly innovative, mostly ICT based, solutions for home care (health and social) based on needs of end users and their formal or informal caregivers.
Results As the result, the project will deliver systematic change in the territorial ecosystem by i) fostering of linkages among quadruple-helix actors in ecosystems; ii) advancing of the institutional knowledge of key actors, including public administration, in using of principles of quadruple-helix cooperation and open innovation; iii) implementing new highly innovative tools targeting public administration and SMEs to adapt principles of quadruple-helix co-creation and open innovation in both: delivery (SMEs) and deployment (public administration) of innovative home care solutions.
Cost The overall project budget vis planned to be around 2 million of EUR (depends on the size of partnership)
Duration 36 months
Partners involved Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency
Partners requested We are seeking for dual partners from any territory in Central Europe. So called “knowledge partner” should:
- Be representing territory (region or country), where home care services are addressed by RIS3
- Have well-developed access ways to the actors of the home care ecosystem in their region
- Bring on board relevant Policy partner
- Bring the value added (in terms of specific expertise or experience) in the development of HoCare 2.0 tools
- Demonstrate the strong interest in the implementation of the project activities, the complementarity to current activities and interest in sustainable operation of HoCare Co-Creation Labs

So called “Policy partner” should:
- Be representing territory (region or country), where home care services are addressed by RIS3
- Have competence in the DESIGN of public home care (health or social) services
- Be interested in active participation in joint development of HoCare 2.0 innovative tools by providing the feedback and sharing specific experience related to design of public services in home care
- Be interested in the implementation of Pilots for the Co-creation of public home care services by involvement of elderly and their family members
- Be interested in the adoption of Co-creation concept for the design of home care services
Innovation The main innovation lays in:
- Complex approach, while the project focus on both - delivery, but also deployment of the highly innovative home care services by using the quadruple-helix approach
- Development of the co-creation tools for both – delivery (addressing SMEs) and deployment (addressing policy actors DESIGNING home care services).
- Introduction of highly innovate co-creation tool which are i)specifically targeting elderly population, which is challenging target group for the co-creation approaches and ii) involvement also their family members as the secondary TG, which represents very often different point of view
- Impactful design of the project methodology promising two-dimensional sustainable change in the territorial ecosystems: i) mainstreaming the innovation of the territorial SMEs developing innovative home care services towards needs of users (elderly) / buyers (elderly or family members); ii) adapting of the co-creation approach to the design of public services for home care
Follow up of This project is direct follow up of Interreg Europe project called HoCare.
Project additionally capitalize the knowledge, approaches and tools delivered in the following projects:
- H2020 Innovation Action project SMART4MD
- Interreg Central project Intramed_C2C
Project is complementary with PPI2Innovate project as it creates the need for the procuring of innovative services in specific area of home care (health and social care)
Follow up fundings