Project name GTogether (Generations together)
Objective Objective 1.2
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim The project’s objective is to found an international network of retiring academics from universities or other knowledge-based sectors, who would be able to mentor start-up businesses relevant to their respective professional fields. The project would draw upon the vast experience, many ideas and diverse relationship capital of the retiring academics, and in return their involvement would have a positive impact on their mental and physical fitness, according to research.
The senior citizens involved in the projects would develop their own personal availability timetables and work plans, the network does not demand any minimum availability hours or task delegation. Their honorarium would be funded by the profits of the start-up projects and businesses launched within the frameworks of the project, thus it is also in their interests to set up a business model on sound foundations and help in the management of the founded businesses. The basis of the project model is that the advisory services of the network would be available in the Danube Region countries, broken down into separate working groups based on the project participant’s professional fields.
Results The development of common project ideas and product development forms a link between the senior generation and young people. The project is an opportunity for incubator work, co-working and community building. The objective is to retain the creative participants and develop and support a technological incubator system that aids young entrepreneurs in starting their businesses. The young people would gain knowledge via the “learning by doing” principle, that is participating in projects developed together with senior experts. A pilot project would cover all business steps, from market research, to product development. The manufacture of prototypes and entering the market with capital investment would be supported by a call for proposals. The project would prepare the participants for handing in the proposals.
Cost EUR 1.600.000
Duration 24 months: September 2018 – August 2020
Partners involved Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary.
Partners requested NGOs, Universities, Local Governments.
Innovation NR
Follow up of NR
Follow up fundings