Project name FOOD4MOD - Enhanced food quadruple helix models
Objective Objective 1.1
Priority Innovation and knowledge development
Aim Food-Mod has four main objectives:
a) cross-regional sharing of knowledge, practices and innovative solutions for the food industry and the bio-economy;
b) contribution to a sustainable food cluster-specific economic development by making regionally-embedded knowledge available on a wider geographical basis;
c) reinforce innovation, extend current RDI infrastructures’ valorization and raise competitiveness across the bio-economy value chain;
d) the design of an appropriate model of cross-regional sharing of technology to turn ideas and knowledge into new products and services that increase the central Europe regions’ food clusters competitiveness, using sustainability, traceability and health-consciousness as market drivers.
Results ll objectives will be persued from the perspective of a quadruple helix framework that enhance transfer from research to the market thanks to the interaction between regional policy, R&D&I specialization, regional clusters’ competitiveness and public and consumers’ awareness.
The overall objective of a cross-regional RTOs’ food tech transfer model will be approached by exchanges and learning on organizational management that distinguishes among different levels of collaboration (research, market and infrastructures) while preserving property rights and competitive spaces for firms and clusters. The project will seek to foster partners’ in-house innovation capacities through training managers on how to incorporate innovation management processes into daily tasks.
Cost 1 MEUR / 1.5 MEUR
Duration 28-30 months
Partners involved LP: Ser.In.Ar (Italy), public company managed by the Province of Forli-Cesena, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Forli and Cesena, Municipalities of Forli and Cesena.
Other partners involved: universities, research companies and municipalities from Slovenia, Poland, Croatia, Italy
Partners requested Universities, Research companies, Companies and bodies working in food sector.
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