Project name FIRSTFOOD
Objective Objective 4.2
Priority Transport and mobility
Aim The logistics and transport of fresh food is a growing sector, with about 90% of inland shipping made by road transport.
Some experience were already carried out in order to improve the intermodality potential of the transport of fresh food over long distance (ship+train+truck), and increase the share of more environmental friendly transports. One example is the “fresh food corridor” project (http://ffcproject.com/), supported under the CEF programme.
Aside the traditional fresh food (fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, etc) logistics and distribution, there is an emerging market of quality producer of local/regional specialties aiming at having access to the global market. Nowadays this is possible through web based virtual market platform (online marketplace). The logistic operators work on the transport to the final destinations, including last mile, which has to be optimized in order to guarantee short delivery time to the customers. The logistics of the “first mile” is instead responsibility of the producer or transport operators which are often not properly organised in terms of efficiency, control etc.
In order to avoid the uncontrolled and inefficient development of the first leg of this emerging logistic chain, the local administrations has to set up dedicated infrastructures in order to gather the fresh products from local quality small producers, and integrate the first mile in the long distance multimodal transport chain (rail, truck etc).
Results The project aims at developing and testing in several case studies across the Central Europe area innovative, multimodal and green first mile transport models for collecting local/regional food specialties. These models will be based on the cooperation among all the main actors involved in the business (i.e. local small producers, road haulage operators, public administrations, marketplace operators, multimodal transport operators) and will include infrastructural, operational and telematics actions. Each pilot will implement different solution(s) and the results of the tests will be used to elaborate a model that could be scaled-up and transferred to other areas of the Central Europe.
Cost 1,8 M€, max 10 PARTNERS (target is 4 territories, 2 partner per territory)
Duration 30 MONTHS
Partners involved Lead Partner: Finpiemonte Partecipazioni (regional agency owner of intermodal sites and agro-idustrial market sites) (IT)

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Partners requested Regional government, transport and logistic authorities or agencies,
logistic operators (food sector)
Innovation The transport of fresh food, from the first mile to the last mile, is today left to the initiative of the private logistic choice and
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