Project name Energy Efficiency for public water infrastructure–Efficiency4Water
Objective Objective 2.1
Priority Low carbon cities and regions
Aim The project aims at developing a standardized method to improve energy performance of the public water infrastructure of the territories involved within the consortium, through systematical identification of energy performance improvement opportunities, pilot actions implementation, personnel capacity building improvement and big data based optimization along with the integration of renewable energies.
Moreover, the project will focus on: a) the identification, analysis and further harmonization of innovative tools/concepts/frameworks to remove the barriers that hamper the existing demand and offer cycle for a wide range of water technologies and services; b) identification of the best requirements for implementing innovative energy services and financial schemes.
Results The expected result is to create energy performance, plant management/conduction optimizations an overall plan for identifying the gaps and the potential solutions in order to leverage investments in energy efficiency within the public water sector
Cost 2.000.000,00 €
Duration 30 months
Partners involved Italian Multiutility, Italian financial advisor
Partners requested Multiutilities water sector, Financial advisors, Research & Development Institutions/Agencies, SMEs dealing with water and IT management, Regional Environment & Water Departments (as Associated partners)
Innovation Innovation is mainly found in statistical algorithms application to water infrastructure and in financial schemes in energy efficient renovation
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