Project name Electro mobility
Objective Objective 2.3
Priority Low carbon cities and regions
Aim The city of Leipzig (currently approx. 590.000 inhabitants) is one of the fastest growing cities in Germany with a future perspective of 674.000 to 770.000 in 2030. In such a growing city intelligent mobility solutions play an important role. Leipzig is one of the leading cities in Germany regarding to e-mobility and a holistic concept "Leipzig - City of Intelligent Mobility" has been developed to strengthen the important industry and economy in the future.
Within a project following e.g. measures should be implemented:
- city logistic / urban hubs (concept development/ implementation of pilot actions)
- strategy for enlargement of charging infrastructure
- establishment of competence centre for intelligent mobility
- promotion of e-mobility, sharing economy
Results - concept for city logistic / urban hubs
- strategy for further enlargement of charging infrastructure
- competence centre for e-mobility
- promotion for e-mobility
Cost -
Duration 3 years
Partners involved -
Partners requested - cities (+100.000 inhabitants)
- E-mobility clusters
- interest groups
Innovation -
Follow up of -
Follow up fundings